Cloud Development Resources


Who We Are

Cloud Development Resources is a software development and IT solutions provider that delivers OutSystems Applications Development, Software Project Development (Enterprise-grade Systems, Multi-platform Mobile Applications, Full-scale Web Systems), Resource Augmentation, and Maintenance and Support.

With a history that draws on over 20 years of world-class customer service and offshore development experience, Cloud Development Resources exemplifies incomparable customer service and uses the expertise, gained through the years to provide unmatched client solutions.

We also cater in giving IT outsourcing services that will help you focus on growing your business while we take care of your IT business product and service needs to help you achieve customer satisfaction. Our innovative solutions empowered with the latest technological innovations will guarantee you the best value for your investment.

We consider your organization’s economic structure as we offer greater value for your money without sacrificing quality, we continuously become a center of excellence to provide you with the best product and service solutions.

Solutions Provider

Our goal is to provide you with the best cost-effective and economical solutions for your business requirements.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service has always been the core of our brand and something you can always expect us to deliver.

OutSystems Partner

We work with only the best in the industry, so you know you only get superior value for your money.

Outsourcing Done Right

Cost-effective solutions; experienced, highly trained professionals; proven repeatable methodology - things that you can trust for your brand.

What We Do

Our distinct background and strategic partnerships allow us to build and customize the suitable systems for your organization. At the center of it all is a collaborative development process between you and our team to fully address your user requirements – whether for a simple mobile app or for a full-scale web system. We show complete understanding of your scope and needs; our engagement in every step of the development process enables your success. And we have an Agile approach on the projects that we work on to have quick turnaround time, which is also repeatable for any product to be developed.

OutSystems Consulting

executes an intensive analysis to identify the process that suits the clients’ business. The basis of the analysis determines the scope and prepares strategies for SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle) management.

OutSystems Web App Development

has a team of competent OutSystems developers who cultivates visually appealing web apps for better user engagement. We are experts at amending any aspect of your web application and redeploying it.

OutSystems Mobile App Development

creates and builds mobile applications that are compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS through OutSystems platform. The OutSystems platform allows you to develop quality applications and quickly deploys them everywhere cost-effectively.

Enterprise Application Integration

Our professional OutSystems developers adopt the standard operating procedures for code review and development, integration, configuration, and customization of apps.

OutSystems Resource Augmentation

is a credible outsource partner of numerous international organizations looking for competent developers to strengthen their in-house OutSystems team and satisfy their business objectives.

OutSystems Maintenance & Support

Our support team provides continuous maintenance and support to assist clients in staying ahead of the market. We improve the applications to the latest version and shift the app to the most recent platform.

Why OutSystems is Cloud Dev’s Partner of Choice

1. Reliable Speed

Visually develop your full-stack and mobile applications swiftly and redistribute with just one click.

2. Stimulate Innovation

Swiftly develop your application without the complications of re-coding every component.

3. Adapt to Market Flexibility

Be informed about your industry through short development cycles.

4. Decrease Financial Risk

Utilize our low-code development platform with cost-effective up-front investment.

5. Low-Code Freely

Boost your applications with customizable codes and leverage OutSystems marketing leading low-code development platform.

6. Innate Security

Our latest security features will secure your applications from design to deployment.

7. Increase Business Agility and Scalability

Manage your users, data volume and complications easily.

8. Stable Deployment

Be assured of a flawless deployment across cloud and on-premises environments for your application.

OutSystems is dedicated to answering the challenges of digital transformation, mobile and faster delivery cycles. During the years that OutSystems has been in business, we have solved problems and issues that other vendors didn't even know existed. We are now confident that we have the only real solution for overcoming today's business and IT challenges.

Our low-code application delivery platform makes it fast and easy to develop applications from small departamental to large complex mission critical. It is possible to develop the application once and deliver it seamlessly across all platforms and form factors. But that's only part of what it does. It also accelerates and eases the integration of applications with existing cloud and on-premises databases and systems of record. As a result, OutSystems enables the rapid, agile and continuous development, delivery and management of all the applications needed to digitalize your enterprise.

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Why Choose Us

We are skilled. We are quality. We are value for money.
These translate into the lowest total cost of project development in the world without sacrificing the quality of your product.


OutSystems is rated #1 in the low-code platform segment. We can help you achieve what you need with unbeatable speed and reliability.

Cloud Development Resources follows a digital factory model and is a development center that boasts cost-effectiveness and excellence in delivering your IT solutions.

Whether you engage with us for product development or service delivery, our flexibility in providing solutions ensures that you only get the best quality and value.

It’s in our code to help and make sure that our clients are content and happy. And our team is flexible to scale up in periods of high demand to accomplish what we have to deliver.


We provide the following services that will help you focus on growing your business while we take care of your IT product and service needs to help you achieve optimum satisfaction. Our innovative solutions empowered with the latest technological innovations will guarantee you the best value for your investment. We consider your organization’s economic structure as we offer cost-effective resources for product development and service delivery.

OutSystems Development

Do you need a rapid development of applications without compromising quality?

We develop solutions (both for web and mobile applications) using the OutSystems platform that is a proven technology in delivering systems with quick development cycle that are reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-integrate. This technology, powered by OutSystems, has been time-tested to resolve your software development challenges.

Easy-to-use and with a strong focus on scalability and integrity, your web and mobile applications will be deployed with the promised reduced delivery time, maintenance, effort, and cost – the things every business wants.

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Web and Mobile Applications Development

We develop enterprise-level web and mobile applications that are designed to help your organization not just meet but exceed your business objectives. We develop these solutions using an Agile methodology that secure you of a simple system that works. We also develop mobile applications that can be deployed across the two major platforms – iOS and Android. Our team of developers is knowledgeable in the latest mobile frameworks and tools and uses these innovative technologies to build your mobile applications that will then give your end customers the digital experience, not just convenient but also enjoyable.

Your Offshore Team

Do you need skilled professionals to support your teams?

Our dedication to provide you with the right solution is not limited to the development of your web and mobile applications. If your demand is the right team for your talent resource, Cloud Development Resources can help supply your staffing needs.

We believe in the value of getting the right people that will help with the vision of your organization. We invest in the continuous growth of our people, both in the work and personal aspects.

And so, if what your organization needs is a pool of talent that can help you with your software projects, we can provide and deploy a team that is easily scalable to your requirement, who will be best suited for the job — as we know that anyone in our team who will work with you will bring their A game, every time.

Maintenance and Support

Are you getting the adequate support for the system you’ve developed?

With over a decade of providing customer service to various industries and companies, our support capabilities are unmatched in every field. We offer reliable support structure and client-oriented service packages that aim to resolve any issues within an acceptable turnaround time but at prices relatively lower than any other IT support firms.

Our main objective is not just for our customers to be satisfied with our software solutions but for these systems to be considered as their assets even after development. Your products have been built by our team with a strong consideration of various aspects: versatility on function, performance, security, profitability, and user-friendliness.

With these things considered, we continuously and closely collaborate with our customers to ensure that our products are free of faults and that we can improve the performance of the delivered systems in any way possible.


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